Class Games

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These are free games that I have found hosted online. They all can be played with simple touch input suitable for smartboard devices.

Class Games

Cat Cheese

Play Cat Cheese

Tap the cat and throw some cheese on it! That's it, that's the whole game.


Play Dinopult

Pull the dino back and launch him at the tree to eat leaves! Click again to switch his movement.


Play Coioioin

Click to flip the coin! See how big of a streak you can get! This game is entirely random.


Play SSRB Ball

I don't know what SSRB means, but this game is simple and fun! Drop kittehs into the beaker. When two kittehs of the same color touch, they combine!

Tune It Up!

Play Tune It Up!

Music sequencers make for great toys! I love playing with a short loop so much. Drag the items from the four corners to the loop section and jam to your cool beats.

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