Raccoon Garden

The Garden

Welcome to our little digital garden! We tend to different areas of the garden as we have time and interest. As a result it might be a little chaotic. The upside is that everything here is hand crafted! Tended by our freaky little fake people hands.


We have found the program emacs to be the most fun for little raccoon paws to use. This whole garden is tended to in emacs, in particular the org mode portion of emacs. For the basic utilities set up we found the system crafters guide to building your own website with org mode1 to be incredibly helpful!

We also make use of the doom emacs package! DoomEmacs is what allowed us to jump from vim to emacs in the first place; it made emacs very approachable and easy to play with. It let us experience the fluidity of having buffers of text beyond the documents themselves. Dired is a really magical way to interact with the filesystem, it is by far our favorite way to navigate and edit.

Pixel Art

We have really enjoyed making pixel art.


Here is our blog: blog-home.html

Class Games

We have found these games to be really useful in engaging students. Their key features are being playable in browser, and accept single touch input to navigate. classgames.html


Emacs 29.3 (Org mode 9.6.15)